As we begin our working relationship to find the right house, you may have questions about this procedure that I will attempt to clarify.   As my customer, you are invited to contact me at 316-686-1537 Ext. 3254 or on my cell phone at 316-209-4663.  If I am not available, leave a message on my voice mail and I will be notified and return your call as quickly as is possible.

I will work with you during the day, in the evenings and on Saturday or Sunday, as needed.  All I ask is that you extend me the courtesy of at least a few hours, before an appointment, so that I may make appropriate arrangements with my family.

So that I can best serve you and avoid disputes with other agents, please let me check prices on homes you drive by or see in any ad.  It is best to go into "Open Houses" with me accompanying you, but if you do attend one without me, please be sure to tell the agent that you are working with me.  If an "Open House" is a property that interests you, we will want to go through the house, together, as soon as it is convenient.

If you want to see a "For Sale by Owner" property, please allow me to contact the Seller so that I can negotiate a 3% fee to J P Weigand if you choose to make an offer on the home.  That way, my fee for service is covered, and I can continue to represent you through closing of the transaction.  Please understand that in most instances, the Seller of the home will pay compensation that I will receive, and that it is included in the price of the home.

To put you in the best position as a buyer, it is my suggestion that you sign a Buyer's Agency Agreement so that I may fully represent you as my "client".  As a Buyer's Agent I will be able to:  Disclose to you whether the Seller is willing to accept less than the listing price; motivating factors for selling; and any pertinent information that may benefit you in the negotiation process.  Otherwise, without the agreement, I must act as a Transaction Broker, which blocks my ability to negotiate on behalf of you.  We will be able to discuss the Buyer's Agency Agreement on a case by case basis.

Before we start our home buying search, it is my suggestion that you meet with the lender of your choice to get an idea of the price range of home that you are comfortable purchasing.  Since interest rates are lower than they have been in some time, most Buyers can qualify for more home than they expect.  After you've met with a lender, they will issue you a "pre-qualification" letter which will be attached to any home purchase contract that we write.  This letter informs the Seller of the property that you are financially qualified to purchase.

To benefit most from our working relationship, communciation is the key.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about any part of this home buying process.  I want you to be as informed as possible so that you will have full confidence in what will probably be your biggest financial investment - your new home!

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