Show all homes that are available, through MLS, that afit the established features, price range, and general area you requested through the terms of the Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement, setting appointments, and establishing an itinery.

Provide comparison between FHA, VA, conventional financing, and adjustable rates when applicable.

Estimate closing costs and monthly payments for your price range.

Represent you in negotiation of the contract regarding pricing and any specific terms that may be significant to you.  Handling all the detail work and negotiation, carefully explaining all written documents and giving you a copy of everything you sign.

Represent and assist you at your closing, attending to final details and explaining settlement statements to you.  Make sure you have keys, possession, and utilities coordinated.

Remember, I am here to assist you and answer any questions you may have.


  • Research local lenders for the rates and terms available for financing.  Assist you in preparing for loan application and be present at your loan appointment.  Update you throughout the loan process.
  • Prepare a comparative market analysis on the home you select to help establish a fair market value and a history of sales in the area.
  • Verify average billing for gas and electric in the past year.
  • Provide you courthouse information of the subject property, including a breakdown of annual and total specials and payout of specials. 
  • Provide you information on home owners warranties and inspections.
  • Schedule and provide written closing information, location, date and time.


If you see an ad or a sign (either a real estate company or a for sale by owner) call me.

I prefer to be with you when you look at houses, but if you happen to stop at an open house, be certain to identify me to the other agent.

If I am not with you, remember that an on-site agent generally represents the seller, so be careful not to discuss personal, confidential information that could harm your negotiating position with an on-site agent.



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